All Vizcaya owned and bred Wirehaired Vizslas are now and always will be
registered with the AKC Foundation Stock Service!!
All AKC-FSS registered Wirehaired Vizslas are eligible to compete in
Hunt & Tracking Tests and Obedience, Rally & Agility Trials as of January 1, 2009
and are eligible to be shown in the Misc Class as of January 1, 2011.
On July 2, 2014, the Wirehaired Vizsla will be a
fully recognized breed within the AKC Sporting Group!!!

* * * * Please make sure, when inquiring about a Wirehaired Vizsla from other kennels,
that both parents and the litter are American Kennel Club FSS registered,
that the dog's full registered names are used on the web site, and
that there are links to the dog's pedigree and health certifications!! * * * *

Charter Member, past President and board member
of the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America

WINDER GA 30680-3834
(~ 45 miles NE of Atlanta)


'Vizcaya' - Bay of Biscay ~ West of France and North of Spain
Welcome to Georgia!
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Wirehaired Vizslas
General Information

The Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America is the official parent club of the American Kennel Club!!

We co-own the very first Wirehaired Vizsla to win AKC's Best in Miscellaneous Group - 7 times now!!
UKC CH Palownia's Sanibel Sally CM!!

Vizcaya owned Wirehaired Vizslas who have now earned the Certificate of Merit title:
UKC CH Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH
UKC CH Palownia's Sanibel Sally CM
UKC CH Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades CM JH
BIS ARBA/UKC/Int'l CH Vizland's Vizcaya Remy Red CM
Hickory Creeks Memphis River CM
UKC CH Palownia's Bahama Mama CM RA
Vizland's Plymouth Rock CM
Vizcaya's Jammie Time at Obies CM

Miscellaneous breed dogs (Wirehaired Vizsla) who have won a CM (Certificate of Merit title)
or at least three (3) Best of Breeds, with competition or One (1) Best in Misc. Group,
with competition may be eligible for an invitation to the
AKC/EUKANUBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP show in December each year in Orlando Florida!

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Vizcaya - Vizslas and       Wirehaired Vizslas
Bred for Conformation, Temperament and Natural Ability
Breeder and Co-Owner of the very first AKC Eukanuba National Championship Best of Breed winner in Wirehaired Vizslas and the first AKC WV Best in Miscellaneous Group in US history!!
Many of the stacked and moving photos of my dogs on this web site are the product of Phyllis Ensley Photography. I recommend her highly for professional photographs of your show dog!!

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UKC CH Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH is the very first
Wirehaired Vizsla in the United States, to obtain the AKC
Certificate of Merit title, and the first Best of Breed winner at
the Eukanuba National Championship Show in 2011!
Bailey took BOS at the 2012 ENCS and BOB at the 2013 ENCS!!  Congratulations co-owners Lee & Barbara Ross!

'Zoe' - Vizcaya's Shut Up and Kiss Me, passed away on March 30, 2014.
She was just a month shy of her 19th birthday. She was born 5/14/95 and was
happy, healthy and living a wonderful life with Susan. Thank you so much Susan,
for giving her a long life to enjoy! We presented her at the VCC Specialty in
Greenville SC on July 27, 2013, where she took Best Veteran 12+ yr olds class!
I know Susan is missing her tremendously, but will be comforted
by memories of Zoe's wonderful personality.
On July 2, 2014, the Wirehaired Vizsla will be included in the AKC Sporting Group! It has been a long and at times, tough ride, but I feel sure I speak for the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America officers and members when I say that we are very proud of the work we have done, and of the dedication of several true Wirehaired Vizsla lovers! Congratulations to those who have been there from the beginning of our quest for AKC recognition!!
October 2013 Show Sight Magazine Ad for Vizcaya Wirehaired Vizslas!!
Best of Breed - Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH
Best of Opposite Sex - Palownia's Bahama Mama CM RA
2012 AENC Wirehaired Vizsla Breed video

BOB - Palownia's Bahama Mama CM RA
BOS - Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH
2011 AENC Wirehaired Vizsla Breed

BOB - Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH
BOS - Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades CM JH
In 1998, Co-Bred by Vizcaya Vizslas - 'Kallmee Vizcaya's Sassy Dax' becomes
the first Vizsla certified as a Forensic Evidence and Body Recovery Canine.
Owned by Rita Martinez, Bred by Nancy Edmunds and Susan Thibodeaux.