Vizcaya Wirehaired Vizslas
Bred for Conformation, Temperament and Natural Ability

Our Co-Owned Girls
The girls on this page do not live with Nancy at Vizcaya Vizslas, but with their co-owners in various cities and states.
This page was last updated: December 28, 2018
* * * * Please be sure, when inquiring about parents of WV puppies from other kennels,
that they and the litter are both, American Kennel Club registered!! * * * *
Rincon Ga

CH Vizcaya 'n Obie's Savannah River   "Savannah"
(CH Hickory Creeks Memphis River CM   X
CH Vizcaya's Jammie Time at Obies CM)
Bred by: Peggy O'Brien and Nancy Edmunds
Owned by: Susan & Jim Daly and Nancy Edmunds
OFA - Fair
Elbows - Normal
BD: 8/15/13

~ Reserve to AKC's first major in Breed history!
~ Best of Breed over the #1 & #2 male specials
at the 2014 Eukanuba National Show, the first
year the WV was shown as a recognized breed!

"Tipsy II"
St. Williams Ontario Canada
Best of Breed at the 2014 Eukanuba National Championship Show!!!

Am/Can CH Vizcaya's Moonshine Tipsy   "Tipsy II"
(CH Vizcaya's Gotta Wear Shades CM RN BN CD TDI CGC)
X  CH Palownia's Bahama Mama CM RA)
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
Owned by: Irene Balla
Elbows - Normal
BD: 7/11/14
2 legs on her FDJ - Field Dog Junior

~ Best Puppy and Best of Opp at the Vizsla Society of Ontario!

Woodbridge Va

CH Vizcaya's Tipsy Tequila Red Hot Chili   "Chili"
(CH Vizcaya's Gotta Wear Shades CM RN BN CD TDI CGC
X  CH Palownia's Bahama Mama CM RA)
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
Owned by: Andrea Schutz and Nancy Edmunds
Health Certifications done in summer of 2016
BD: 7/11/14

~ Atlanta Ga, WB, BOW BOB over Specials for 5.M Owner handled!
~ Greenville SC - 1 yr old
WB for 3 pt major on Friday and on Sunday!
~ Level 4 at 'All About Dogs Inc'!

Honorable Mention
Girls we have shown for other people!
Norfolk  Va
CH Konza Vadasz Hardwire's Amira Jawhira  "Amira"
(GCHS Quodian's Tareck Rey D'Celis X  CH Konza Vadasz Treasure Hunt)
Owned by Brad & Jennifer Falcone
Bred by: Deb Wall
BD: 6/26/16

​Amira was here with us to begin her show career, and she started off with a bang,
obtaining her first major at the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America Supported Entry
show in Perry Ga, out of the 9-12mo class!
Amira finished her AKC Championship, and Jennifer, Brad & I are very proud!!
Lexington Ky
AKC / UKC CH Vizcaya's Sierra De Llullaillaco JH    "Sierra"
(GCHS Quodian's Tareck Rey D'Celis  X  UKC CH/Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades CM JH)
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
Owned by: Raecy Adair and Nancy Edmunds
BD: 1/29/16

     Aiken SC
Vizcaya's Hellhound Winter's Ball   "Zeppelin"
(CH Hickory Creek's Memphis River  X  Vizcaya's Winter One-derland)
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
Owned by: Siva Aiken and Nancy Edmunds
BD: 11/20/16