Vizcaya Wirehaired Vizslas
Bred for Conformation, Temperament and Natural Ability

Our Co-Owned Girls
The girls on this page do not live with Nancy at Vizcaya Vizslas, but with their co-owners in various cities and states.
This page was last updated: September 12, 2021
* * * * Please be sure, when inquiring about parents of WV puppies from other kennels,
that they and the litter are both, American Kennel Club registered!! * * * *
Honorable Mention
Girls we have shown for other people!
Norfolk  Va
CH Konza Vadasz Hardwire's Amira Jawhira  "Amira"
(GCHS Quodian's Tareck Rey D'Celis X  CH Konza Vadasz Treasure Hunt)
Owned by Brad & Jennifer Falcone
Bred by: Deb Wall
OFA Health Certifications
BD: 6/26/16

​Amira was here with us to begin her show career, and she started off with a bang,
obtaining her first major at the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America Supported Entry
show in Perry Ga, out of the 9-12mo class!
Amira finished her AKC Championship, and Jennifer, Brad & I are very proud!!
Lexington Ky
AKC / UKC CH Vizcaya's Sierra De Llullaillaco JH    "Sierra"
(GCHS Quodian's Tareck Rey D'Celis  X  UKC CH/Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades CM JH)
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
Owned by: Raecy Adair and Nancy Edmunds
BD: 1/29/16

Amsterdam, Netherlands
CH Vizcaya's Allman Biskade  "Kady"
(Allman Brothers WH Rey D'Celis  X  GCH Quodian's Quita CM)
Bred by Nancy Edmunds
Owned by Lies Van Essen
Health certifications will be done in The Netherlands
BD: 3/2/18

​The only female in her litter, she was special from the beginning!
Kady debuted her show career on the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America National Events weekend and made us proud by taking Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her first points, a 5 point major, at just 6.5 monhs old!! I could not be more proud, and look forward to our next adventure!

Kady FINISHED her AKC Championship at just 7 months old, undefeated in the classes,
and with 4 majors!! It went too fast, but I am so proud of this little girl!!
She shines in the ring and in her tempermant and personality!!
We are so proud to send her to her mother's breeder, Lies Van Essen, in the Netherlands!

Anderson SC
RubiCon She Talks to Angels  "Matdi"
(CH Zoldmali Cimbora JH DN   X
Am GCH/BISS Can CH Sarga's Andromeda Super Nova JH WD)
Bred by Khris Berry & Anton Sagh
Owned by Robin Gay & Nancy Edmunds
Health certifications will be done in spring of 2021
BD:  12/24/19
AKC points to date - 9(3M)

​Thrilled to co-own this gorgeous girl with Robin Gay! She's proving to be a great show girl, and we look forward to her future in our breeding program!

Quinton Va
Vizcaya's In The Drivin' Seat  "Hazel"
(CH Rokahidi Drivin' Me Chrazie   X
CH Vizcaya's Vizland Cherokee Ghili)
Bred by  Nancy Edmunds
Owned by Brandon Johnson & Nancy Edmunds
Health certifications will be done in fall of 2022
BD:  11/22/20

​Thrilled to co-own this gorgeous girl with Brandon Johnson!
He will do the hunting stuff and I will do the showing stuff!
Can't wait to see what she can do in the field and to get her in the ring!

GCH Hardwire's I'll Get You My Pretty POA   "Dori"
(CH Konza Vadasz Hardwire's Lucky Star CM DN CGCA
X  CH Konza Vadasz Hardwire's Amira Jawhira)
Bred by Brad & Jennifer Falcone & Deb Wall
Owned by Jennifer Falcone & Nancy Edmunds
OFA Elbows - Normal
BD:  1/9/19
Grand CH pts to date: 24 (4M, 4ChD)

​~ Honored to own this gorgeous girl, after helping to finish both of her parents!
We've had fun in the Beginner 4-6 month shows as Dori has taken
six Sporting Group 1's, two Group 3's and a Group 4 with 12-20 puppies present!
These are the only 9 Beginner 4-6mo shows she had been in!

~ Dori made her debut into the point ring by taking 4 majors in Greenville SC then took
another major in Salem Va to FINISH her AKC Championship at just 6.5 months old!

Norfolk Va
One of the Youngest
Wirehaired Vizslas to
Finish her AKC Championship  at
6mo and 3wks old!!