CH Talisan's Lucky Strike   "Tork"
(GCH Glade Mill Rock Me Amadeus  X  Talisan's Lucky Valentine)
Owned by: Ron & Caron Napalilo & Lisa Tallant
Elbows - Normal
Handled by: Lisa Tallant and Nancy Edmunds
Whelped - 12/21/12

CH Vizcaya's Carolina Blue  "Riggs"
(CH Vizcaya's Inquiring Minds
X  CH Vizcaya's Carolina Fantasy)
Owned by: Chris Shelburn and Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Russell Stringer & Nancy Edmunds
Elbows - Normal
Handled by: Nancy Edmunds
Whelped - 2/5/11

~ Conestoga Maryland Vizsla Club Specialty - Winners Dog
for a 4 point major on 6-29-2013!!
~ Rock Creek Va KC - WB/BOW for another point!
~ Louisville Ky KC - WD for his 2nd major to FINISH!!

Our Smooth Vizsla Boys
This page was last updated: April 26, 2018
Vizcaya Vizslas
GCH Vizcaya's Whiskey State of Mind   "Whiskey"
(CH Vizcaya's Inquiring Minds  X  CH Vizcaya's Lelkes Isteni Nusi)
Owned by: Travis McLeod and Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
Handled by: Dana Smoak
Located in Charleston SC
Elbows - Normal
CERF - VZ-353876/2011
BD - 6/6/09
PROVEN with CH get

Whiskey has been a ton of fun in the show ring handled by Dana Smoak, at Smoak Mtn Kennel.
  Easily finished in his Championship and now his Grand, he earned his first Grand major the day
he moved up into Breed! He is a very well put together boy with lots of bone and substance.
He has a gorgeous head, great depth and fill of chest and beautiful angles with impressive movement.
Whiskey is a natural in the field and will debut at a Hunt Test soon!


CH Vizcaya's Natural Rendition   "Magnum"
(CH Solaris Nature Boy JH  X  Vizcaya's Vilettia Brit Katona)
Owned by: Annie Mulrooney and Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
Located in Greensboro NC
Elbows - Normal
CERF - VZ-359970/2011
BD - 7/26/09
Height - 25" - Weight 56lbs

On his debut weekend out, Magnum took WD all  three days in Montgomery Al,
with nice competition! He then went to Oconee River KC in Ga the next weekend,
taking WD for his first major! We then went to Greenville SC where Magnum took
a 5 point major on Friday and a 4 point major on Sunday to finish!!

Louisville Ky
Charleston SC
Greensboro NC

BISS BGCH 21xBOB Vizcaya's Return of the Cisco Kid
(BISS GCH Vizcaya's Fantasy Finish
X  CH Vizcaya's Dancing Calla Lily)
Owned by: Walter Criscione and Nancy Edmunds
Bred & Handled by: Nancy Edmunds
Located in Atlanta Ga
DNA - V660861
Elbows - Normal
ECR - Normal/2017
Whelped - 3/11/10
Height - 24.5" - Weight - 52lbs
PROVEN with CH get

~ Multi Group Winning!
~ # 18 Vizsla in 2012!
~ Bronze Grand Champion
~ 5th Generation Best in Specialty Show
~ Multiple Best of Breed

Show Sight Magazine 10-13 Ad!

UPDATE - Cisco took Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Griffin Ga KC show on August 25, 2011 for his first
points, his first time in the ring - a 4 point major!! Cisco then took WD again on Saturday for another 4 point major!!

He then went to the Douglasville KC, Atlanta KC & Newnan KC shows,
taking WD & BOW all three days for 5 more points!!

Cisco finished in style by going WD, BOW, and then Best of Breed over 5 Specials for his 3rd major!!
We are very proud of this boy and hope he follows in his dad's footsteps for his Grand!

UPDATE - Cisco took Select Male over 4 other dog Specials for his first six points
towards his Grand CH at the Atlanta Ga circuit on February 2 & 3, 2012!
He then took Best of Breed over 5 specials for his first Grand major (3pts) on February 5th!

UPDATE - Cisco took Select Male again at the Greenville KC show for another Grand point!

UPDATE: Cisco took Best of Breed at the Newnan & Douglasville Ga KC shows on 3/31/12 & 4/1/2012
for his 2nd & 3rd Grand major!! He then proceeded to take a Group 3 under respected judge Bob Vandiver!!

UPDATE: Cisco took Best in Specialty Show at the Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta show in Perry Ga
on April 15, 2012 fora 5 point Grand Major to finish the title!! Following in his daddy's footsteps!!

UPDATE: Cisco took BOB at the Oconee River KC show on May 5, 2012!

UPDATE: Cisco took 1st Award of Merit at the VCC Specialty show #1,
and Select Dog at the VCC Specialty show #2, both on 7/26/12!!
He also took Select Dog at the Greenville SC show on 7/29/12

UPDATE: Cisco took BOB at the Murfreesboro KC show on 9/30/12, then went on to take a Group 4!!!

Cisco came out to play in the 2014 VCMA Specialty
and took Select Dog out of an entry of 56!!

UPDATE: In 2012 Cisco takes 3 Group 1's and a Group 2 in Bayamon Puerto Rico!!

Bronze Grand Champion

Ended 2012 as #19 Vizsla in the country!!

2013 Show Sight Magazine Ad

Congratulations Walter, Stacy & family!

Atlanta Ga
BISS GCH Vizcaya's Fantasy Finish  "Folsom"
(3XBISS CH Encounter A Duke Fantasy  X  CH Vizcaya's Vilettia Bella)
Owned by: Randy & Felicia Goodman and Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Daryl Schaal and Nancy Edmunds
Located in Louisville Ky
OFA Hips -  GOOD
DNA - V571811
BD - 7/23/07
Height - 24"/ Weight 52lbs
PROVEN  with GCH get

Folsom is a gorgeous replica of his dad, with the beauty of his mom! Folsom caught the eye
of the judges who saw him, finishing in just 3 weekends!! He has a gorgeous head, beautiful angles,
both front and rear, fantastic forechest and depth of chest, with movement to match.
Folsom is PROVEN and at stud to approved bitches.

Folsom was expertly handled by my friend Dana Smoak. Thanks Dana,
for presenting this boy to his Championship, Grand Championship and beyond with such expertise!!

Folsom took 1st in the Stud Dog Class with kids Cisco and Ember,
at both of the Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialties on July 25 & 27, 2013!


"Lil' B"
Somerville Tn
Finished 2012 as #19 Vizsla!!!
Multi Group Winning!
5th Generation BISS!!
Bronze Grand Champion!
4th Generation BISS!!
Son 'Cisco' is 5th Generation BISS!!
4th Generation Best In Specialty Show!!
Son 'Cisco' is 5th Generation!!
Rincon Ga

CH Vizcaya's Limited Cosmic Edition    "Starbuck"
(CH Renaissance Loroka What Spending Limit? JH
X  CH Talisan's Vizcaya Valentine)
Owned by: Blenda Fairman and Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
Whelped - 7/16/12
AKC Champion

~ WD & BOW for his first major at the Newnan KC show 10-20-13!
~ WD & BOW for 2 pts at the Greater Hickory KC show 12-6-13!
~ WD & BOW for 2 pts at the Forsyth KC show 12-7-13!
~ WD for his 2nd major at the Louisville Ky show 3-15-14!!

Charlotte NC
Commerce Ga
Our Young Dogs:


CH Vizcaya's Famous Last Words "Lil' B"
(Avia's K-Bateman SH  X  Vizcaya's Last Dance)
Owned by: Blake Kukar
Bred & Handled by: Nancy Edmunds
Located in Somerville Tn
BD - 4/5/07
PROVEN with CH get
Lil' B is a replica of his dad, with the bird sense and conformation excellence. This was his mom's last litter, and
Dancer was a special girl. Lil' B has the best of both parents. He has a gorgeous head, a beautiful front, along with
gorgeous movement and beautiful angles. Blake has him in the field as much as possible where he loves to find birds.
Lil' B is PROVEN and at stud to approved bitches by Blake Kukar.

Vizcaya's Knob Creek Whiskey   "Jonny"
(CH Vizcaya's Natural Rendition
X  Vizcaya's Whiskey 'N Grenadine)
Owned and Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
OFA Hips & Elbows will be done spring of 2018
Handled by: Jennifer Buckmaster and Nancy Edmunds
Whelped - 5/22/16
AKC points to date: 12 (1M)

~ WD & BOW for his first point at 6mo old in Atlanta!
~ WD at the Nashville Tn KC at 10 months!
~ First major at the Birmingham KC show!

Peachtree City Ga