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Vizcaya's very first Wirehaired Vizsla
Remy has certainly been an awesome foundation bitch for the Vizcaya Wirehaired Vizsla breeding program. Her
gorgeous movement, strong front, and beautiful angulation has earned her Championships in three different
registries and her AKC Certificate of Merit!! Something no other WV in the United States has done, including
remaining the #1 ARBA WHV to date, and becoming the very first WV to reach 'Best In Show' in any registry in the
US. Remy's dark eyes are something too few WV have, and we are happy she is passing this gene down to her kids.
Remy's first litter, bred to Thorn Hill's Caruso, produced FCI Int'l Champion and UKC Grand Champion Vizcaya's
Keegan O'Reiley. Reiley made us very proud by attaining his UKC Championship quickly and then becoming the
very first UKC Wirehaired Vizsla to become a Grand Champion in the breed's history! Remy's subsequent litters have
produced four more UKC Champions as well as a National Champion, UKC CH Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades CM JH,
AKC/UKC CH Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH, UKC CH Vizcaya's News on a Wire and UKC/FCI Nat'l CH Vizcaya's
Copper Wire.  Remy has been shown for fun in the 2014 and 2015 Nationals Sweepstakes and has taken Best Veteran both years! She is now retired from breeding and showing, but making a nice place for herself on the couch!!
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Oakley is our first home bred UKC Champion girl! Finishing her UKC Championship as a puppy, we are planning on showing her in AKC to finsih her Championship! She shows great promise with her dark coat and gorgeous conformation. Oakley has her mom's flawless movement and beautiful profile, along with a terrific temperament!
Vizcaya Wirehaired Vizslas    
  Bred for Conformation, Temperament and Natural Ability
BIS ARBA, UKC, Int'l CH, BIMisc Vizland's Vizcaya Remy Red CM  "Remy"
(Dutch/Luxembourg CH Fram Od Smutne Ricky  - Pine Tree's Viz Hello Dolly)
Bred by: Amy and Michael Holland
Owned and Handled by: Nancy Edmunds
ECR - WVZ-116/2014
7/24/02 - 3/13/17
Height - 22"/ Weight - 46 lbs

Best in Show - American Rare Breed Association
American Rare Breed Association Champion
United Kennel Club Champion
International All Breed Canine Association Champion
American Kennel Club Certificate of Merit
American Kennel Club Best in Miscellaneous

~ AKC Best in Miscellaneous Group
~ First 'Best In Show' WV in the US in any registry
~ ARBA #36 All Breed for 2006
~ ARBA #1 WV for 2006 and 2007
~ UKC #7 WV for 2007
~ Dam of two AKC Junior Hunt titled kids
~ Dam of #2 UKC Grand Champion WV for 2007 and 2008
~ Top Producing Dam of 5 UKC Champions
~ Best Veteran in Match, VCMA/WHVCA, 8/09
~ Best Veteran 2014 WVCA Supported Entry!
~ Best Veteran 2015 WVCA Supported Entry!
This page was last updated: May 22, 2017
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* * * * Please be sure, when inquiring about parents of WV puppies from other kennels,
that they and the litter, are American Kennel Club registered!! * * * *
Vizcaya's BetCha By Golly Wow  "Golly"
(Quodian Betyar CM  X
BIS ARBA/UKC/Int CH Vizland's Vizcaya Remy Red CM)
Bred & Owned by: Nancy Edmunds
Elbows - Normal
ECR - WVZ-377734/2017
BD: 1/3/11

Golly is our keeper from Remy's final litter.
Thank you Deb Wall for providing Betyar at stud for this final
litter out of our Remy. Golly is a gorgeous girl and we are
very proud to have her and her kids added to our pedigrees!
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AKC GCH Quodian's Quita CM   "Quita"
(Furdohazi Larmas X  Dutch CH Cegled Serif Anci)
Bred by: John & Lies Van Essen
Owned by: Nancy Edmunds
Elbows - Normal
ECR - WVZ-379219/2017
BD: 4/25/11

~ Winners Bitch and Best of Opp at the
Greenville SC KC show for a 4 point major!

~ WB & BOW at the Atlanta shows in August/'14 to FINISH!
She is the 1st bitch and 2nd AKC finished Champion in the breed!

Our Quita girl is from the Netherlands!! I had been wanting a Bori
daughter for a while, and I  finally was in a position to obtain one,
with my 2009 trip to Europe, I also had the opportunity to meet Larmas,
Quita's sire! She is a gorgeous example of what Bori has produced and
I feel very honored to own one of hers and Larmas' daughters!! Thank you
so much Lies & John for allowing me to own and show this gorgeous girl!

from The Netherlands . . .
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AKC/UKC CH Palownia's Bahama Mama CM2 RA CGC   "Tipsy"
(ARBA CH Pospataki-Drotos Aprod
X  Vizland's Lady Lilac)
Bred by: Steve and Steph Rejniak
Owned by: Nancy Edmunds
BD: 8/20/07
OFA Hips - GOOD​
ECR - WVZ-145/2014
Height - 23" / Weight 50lbs

- AKC 2012 Best of Breed at the
Eukanuba National Championship Show!
- AKC Certificate of Merit title
- 6 AKC BIMisc with 5 breeds present
- 1st AKC Rally Novice & Rally Advanced
titles in breed history
- 1 leg/3 on AKC Rally Excellent title
- United Kennel Club Champion
- Multiple UKC Group Wins and Placements
- AKC Canine Good Citizen certification

Tipsy was previously co-owned by Susan Wilson, who
finished her UKC Championship and her Rally titles. Tipsy
earned the very first AKC Rally Novice & Rally Advanced title
for a Wirehaired Vizsla in the breed's history! She is a sweet
girl, with an awesome personality and temperament. Her body
style is gorgeous with beautiful angulation and movement
to match - not much at all to fault her on!
We look forward to finishing her AKC Championship soon!!
Our Girls
UKC CH/ AKC BIMisc Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades  CM2 JH  "Oakley"
(CH Thorn Hill's Hun  X 
BIS ARBA/UKC/Int'l CH Vizland's Vizcaya Remy Red CM)
Bred and Owned by: Nancy Edmunds
ECR - WVZ-345726/2015
BD: 11/24/07
Height - 22"/ Weight 45 lbs

~ 2011 Eukanuba National Award of Excellence
~ AKC Junior Hunter
~ AKC - 8 Best of Breeds
~ AKC Best in Miscellaneous
- UKC #10 WHV for 2008
  - Multiple UKC Group Wins and Placements


BIMisc Vizcaya's Time After Time CM  "Nali"
(AKC GCH/UKC CH Vizcaya's Wired For Sound CM JH  X
UKC CH Palownia's Sanibel Sally CM)
Bred by: Beth Strickland, Nancy Edmunds & Rachael Murphy
Owned by: Nancy Edmunds
Elbows - Normal
ECR - WVZ-380306/2017
BD: 3/20/11
Weight - 46lbs

~ BOB at the Evansville Il KC show over 5 other WV!
~ BOB and BIMisc at the Western Carolina KC show over 7 other dogs/ 4 breeds!

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Commerce Ga
Vizcaya's Winter One-derland   "Wonder"
(Point of Honor Zarek X  BIMisc Vizcaya's Hazy Shade of Winter)
Bred by: Belinda Perry, Jeff Gowen & Nancy Edmunds
Owned by: Nancy Edmunds
Elbows - Normal
ECR - Normal - 5/2017
BD: 2/26/13

​Excited to have this girl!! Her structure is awesome,
and her temperament and personality is phenomenal!
Thank you Belinda & Jeff for raising such a sweet girl!!
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Vizcaya's Sierra De Famatina   "Colina"
(GCHS Quodian's Tareck Rey D'Celis X  UKC CH Vizcaya's Wire Rem Shades CM JH)
Owned and Bred by: Nancy Edmunds
BD: 1/29/16
AKC Points to Date: 4

​I waited a long time to have this girl. I wanted a strong, well put together and well boned
daughter of 'Oakley', and after two littersof all boys, I finally got what I wanted!!
Thanks to 'Tareck' for helping me obtain exactly what I asked for!
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Konza Vadasz Vizcaya Carnelian  "Carnie"
(GCHS Quodian's Tareck Rey D'Celis X  CH Konza Vadasz Treasure Hunt)
Owned by Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Deb Wall
BD: 6/26/16
AKC Points to Date: 3

​So proud of this little girl!  Proud to own a 'Treasure' & 'Tareck' daughter!
Looking forward to seeing her in the ring this year!