Vizcaya Wirehaired Vizslas     
  Bred for Conformation, Temperament and Natural Ability
This page was last updated: August 1, 2023
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that they and the litter, are American Kennel Club registered!! * * * *
Our Girls

Bowman Ga
Ghili made her debut in the show ring and took Winners Bitch for 2 points in Salem Va!
No, she doesn't have a ton of coat, but she's well put together and has a fabulous pedigree!

Ghili went back to Virginia, at the Hampton shows and took 3, back to back to back majors to finish her AKC Championship!!
I could not be more proud of this girl, especially since I have only had her since May of '19, and back, out of a pet home!
Bowman Ga
CH Vizcaya's Vizland Cherokee Ghili   "Ghili"
(Allman Brothers WH Rey D'Celis   X  CH Palownia's Made In Her Image)
Owned by Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Amy Holland
Elbows Normal
EYE - Normal
BD: 3/12/16
Coat S/S, Furn N/F
Grand CH pts to date: 15 (2M) (6ChD)​
Bowman Ga
Bowman Ga
CH Vizcaya's Sierra de Velasco  "Vela"
(BISS CH Rokahidi Drivin' Me Chrazie)
X   Vizcaya's Sierra De Famatina)
Owned & Bred by Nancy Edmunds
BD:  5/27/2022
AKC Champion

​Excited to have this girl from Duncan & Colina!!
 We were excited to finish her AKC Championship at just 8 months old!
Her sire, Duncan, took BISS at the WVCA Specialties in SC!
GCH Rokahidi Call Me Chrazie  "Roka"
(Fukar Gramparty X  Rokahidi Csinos)
Owned by Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Brandon & Trisha Johnson
Elbows Normal
OFA EYE - Normal
BD: 1/4/17
Coat S/S, Furn - F/F
Weight - 52lbs / Height at shoulders - 23"

​Grateful to Brandon & Trish Johnson for allowing me to own this girl! I love her
 temperament and her conformation. Roka finished her AKC Championship with 4 majors!
GCH Vizcaya's Cordon del Vasvar   "Cordi"
(CH Vizcaya's Cordon del Azufre
X  GCH Quodian's Quita CM)
Owned and Bred by Nancy Edmunds
Health certifications will be done in late 2021
Elbows Normal
BD:  9/8/19
Coat - S/S, Furn - N/F

​Thrilled to finally get a gorgeous bitch puppy out of Quita & Dash!
Cordi finished her AKC Championship with all majors, and her Grand Championship
 with 4 majors, 4 CH defeats & 20 pts at the WVCA Specialties in Columbia SC!!

Bowman Ga
Quodian's Tucsi (Toochi)  "Tucsi"
(Vernum Ventulus Ersek
X   CH Vizcaya's Allman Biscade)
Bred by Lies Van Essen
Owned by Nancy Edmunds
BD:  2/5/2023

Super excited to have this girl from my home bred Kady, bred to Ersek
 in Denmark! She is lovely in both structure and character,
 and I am looking forward to getting her out in the big girl rings!!
Thank you Lies!!