Vizcaya's Winter One-derland  "Wonder"
(Point of Honor Zarek X
BIMisc Vizcaya's Hazy Shade of Winter)
Bred by: Belinda Perry, Jeff Gowen & Nancy Edmunds
Owned by: Nancy Edmunds
Elbows - Normal
ECR - Normal - 5/2018
BD: 2/26/13
AKC BEST IN SHOW / 2XGroup 1, Multi Group Placing
GCHB Vizcaya's Vizland Cherokee Asagi "Durham"
(Allman Brothers WH Rey D'Celis
X   CH Palownia's Made In Her Image)
Bred by: Amy Holland
Owned by: Susan Daly and Nancy Edmunds
Elbows - Normal
ECR - Normal - 10/2018
BD: 3/12/16

Wonder & Durham Puppies!
This page was last updated: March 26, 2019
Wonder had her puppies on January 7, 2019!
We have 9 - 4 males & 5 females!
'Wonder', Vizcaya's Winter One-der Land, was bred to
'Durham', BIS GCHB Vizcaya's Vizland Cherokee Asagi!
This is our CHEROKEE litter! Registered names have the word 'Cherokee' in them!
Puppies will be ready to go to new homes on the March 2 from SC!

We have two female puppies available from this litter!
The order of birth:

Mr Blue
Mr Black
Mr Red
Miss Pink
Miss Purple
Miss Yellow
Miss Orange
Miss Rainbow
Mr Light Blue
Congratulations to the new owners:

Jesse - Memphis Tn - Mr Blue - Vizcaya's Cherokee Kanati - "Hooper"
Kameron - Chesapeake Va - Mr Light Blue - Vizcaya's Cherokee Tomahawk* - "Hawk"
Ron & Marianne - Naples Fl - Mr Black - Vizcaya's Cherokee Augustus - "Gus"
Amy & Mike - Hastings Mn - Mr Red - Vizcaya's Cherokee Murphy - "Murphy"
Jack & Lucy - Durham NC - Miss Pink - Vizcaya's Cherokee Asgaya - "Elli"
Penny - Hickory NC - Miss Orange - Vizcaya's Cherokee Casino - "Bette"
Guy - Alpharetta Ga - Miss Rainbow - Vizcaya’s Cherokee Osda Ageyutsa -"Heidi"
Alex & Ashley - Miss Purple - Vizcaya's Cherokee Ahyoka - "Adah"
Miss Yellow - AVAILABLE!
Penny with Miss Orange - 'Casino'
Kameron & mom with Mr Lt Blue - 'Hawk'
Guy & family with Miss Rainbow - 'Heidi'
Amy & daughter with Mr Red - 'Murphy'
Marianne with Mr Black - 'Gus'
Jesse & mom with Mr Blue - 'Hooper'
Jack with Miss Pink - 'Elli'
Alex & Ashley - Miss Purple - "Adah"
Miss Yellow