Ghili & Duncan Puppies!!
This page was last updated: January 17, 2021
CH Vizcaya's Vizland Cherokee Ghili   "Ghili"
(Allman Brothers WH Rey D'Celis   X
  CH Palownia's Made In Her Image)
Owned by Nancy Edmunds
Bred by: Amy Holland
Elbows Normal
EYE - Normal
BD - 3/12/16
'Ghili', CH Vizcaya's Vizland Cherokee Ghili, has been bred to
'Duncan', CH Rokahidi Drivin' Me Chrazie, and has had her puppies!
We have 7 - 4 males (one tiny one!) and 3 females, born on Sunday,11/22/20! 
This is our 'Drivin' litter! All registered names have the word DRIVIN' in them.
This litter is SOLD.
CH Rokahidi Drivin' Me Chrazie   "Duncan"
(Fukar Gramparty  X Rokahidi Csinos)
Owned by: Freda Kirtley
Bred by: Zambo Zoltan & Brandon Johnson
Elbows - Normal
Eyes - Normal
BD - 1/4/17
Welcome to the world, in this order:

Mr Blue
Miss Pink
Miss Purple
Mr Black
Miss Orange
Mr Green
Mr Light Blue
Congratulations to the new owners:

Shawn & Avi - Winder Ga - Mr Light Blue - Vizcaya's Drivin' To Distraction - "Copper"
Steve & Jaime - Fredericksburg Va - Mr Green - Vizcaya's Sir Archimedes Drivin’ 8x8 - "Archi"
Jessica & Matt - Apex NC - Mr Blue - Vizcaya's Drivin' Down A Dream - "Spencer"
Susan - Charleston SC - Mr Black - Vizcaya's A Little Drivin' Time - "Fig"
Steven & Sabrina - Lawrenceville Ga - Miss Purple - Vizcaya's In the Drivin' Seat - "Hope"
Rory & Yvonne - Albuquerque NM - Miss Pink - Vizcaya's Drivin' Miss Murphy - "Murphy"
Anika & Chris - Houston Tx - Miss Orange - Vizcaya's Drivin' Me Wild - "Islay"
Rory with "Murphy" - Miss Pink
Steve's son & dad with "Archi" - Mr Green
Matt & Jessica with "Spencer" - Mr Blue
Susan with "Fig" - Mr Black
Chris with "Islay" - Miss Orange